Home For Sale Tips - Why hasn't it sold?


YOU control the price of your property based on the recommendation of your agent. After that initial period, the only people to look at your property will be new buyers to the market place.

Obstacles to proper pricing include:

  • Incompetent agents
  • Neighbours leading you to believe they received more for their property than they actually did
  • Inflationary times
  • Recessionary times
  • Fear
  • Emotional attachment

Overpricing at this critical time will result in:

  • Reduced sales activity: Buyers will not look if they feel it is priced too high
  • Reduced advertising responses: Potential buyers will be looking for certain types of property in a price range
  • Losing interested buyers: They will feel they should be getting more for the price
  • Attracting the Wrong Prospects - They will be comparing it with properties that really are higher priced property
  • Eliminating offers: Buyers make offers based on what properties are available to them
  • Helping the competition: A high-priced property makes the others look better

McMahon Real Estate works for you to get the Best Price Possible; as a result we obtain an average of 98% of the asking price for the Seller. This compares with an industry average of 94%. Based on a selling price of $400,000 - $450,000 this means an EXTRA $16,000 - $18,000 in your pocket!


Your Agent advises you on market conditions, pricing, presentation, financing, and conditions of sale and settlement activities. Just as you insist on an experienced well-prepared doctor to treat your family, you want an experienced Agent to treat your financial health.

At McMahon Real Estate our Real Estate Professionals embrace these rules:

  • There are no hidden costs
  • You will receive regular communication - guaranteed. As well as phone calls from our Real Estate Professionals you have access to your own online Information Centre which has up to date entries of all marketing, buyer enquiries and follow ups, inspections and Agent notes to ensure you are up to date every step of the way  Click Here to view a Market Service Report
  • Negotiating the sale of your property is the key to getting you more money in your pocket. We train to negotiate for you - our agents train every day of the week to ensure they stay the best in the business, when our real estate professionals are face to face with a buyer they will make the best possible impression and present the property in the best possible light because they drill and practice negotiation. Brian McMahon is personally coached by Dr Fred Grosse, an international coach to real estate superstars in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America and by Bob Bohlen- recognised as one of the top salespeople in the world, ensuring Brian and his team are at the forefront of the industry.



You are in control of the presentation of your property however the McMahon Team knows which items are cost effective and will pay you back many times over in buyer interest.

For best impressions always ensure your property's appearance is clean, tidy and uncluttered.

After you agree to list your property with The McMahon Team, if required, our skilled sales team will detail which simple, easy steps you can take to enhance your property's appeal. We will do this with regard to the type of buyer that is likely to buy your property - there is no reason to install new carpets/ kitchens or paint if the property is best marketed as a "Renovators Delight".