How You Control The Sale Of Your Property

There are four reasons a property does not sell:

  1. Location - You have no control over the location of your property, but its location helps determine value.
  2. Condition - The McMahon Team knows which items are cost effective and will pay you back many times over in buyer interest. The McMahon Team is responsible for marketing your property. You are in control of the marketability of your property.
  3. Price - You control this based on the recommendation of your agent.
  4. Agent - Your Agent advises you on market conditions, pricing, presentation, financing, conditions of sale and settlement activities. Just as you insist on an experienced well prepared doctor to treat your family, you want an experienced agent to treat your financial health.  Negotiation is a key skill in a top agent, choosing the right selling agent will result in extra dollars in your pocket  McMahons obtain an average of 98% of the asking price for our sellers. This means more money in YOUR pocket.

McMahons specialise in taking “For Sale” to “SOLD”

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