How Will We Find Your Buyer

Your buyer could come from any number of sources.

McMahons have kept statistics for many years on what attracts your buyer. The more we can understand your buyers and your market the better the result we can achieve for you.

Consequently we cast our "nets" far a-field utilising the largest attractors of real estate buyers available - the internet, other agents, for sale signboards, professional marketer, neighbour promotion, colour brochures and our database.

So what is in our Selling Tool Box?

PROFESSIONAL MARKETER AND PHOTOGRAPHER: We have enlisted an specialist property marketing and photography professional to ensure the key selling features of your property are best captured and promoted via photos, leading property title and descriptive text for websites and promotional material, our professional marketer also designs website property floor-plans and YouTube video presentations.

3D INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TOUR:  McMahon’s are leading the state in Real Estate Promotion! To ensure your property’s promotion is maximised to its full potential McMahon Real Estate have purchased a 3D Virtual Camera, our Professional Marketer has been put in charge of utilising this camera for exclusive photographing of McMahon properties.  Be sure to click this Virtual Tour link to “virtually walk through” one of our 3D Virtual Tour properties and see just how much you can view comfort of your home – CLICK HERE FOR 3D VIRTUAL TOUR.  

INTERNET: Let the whole world know about your property.  We promote on both national and international websites. Over 70% of your potential buyers live outside your local area. Social media is the fastest growing form of online promotion.

SOCIAL MEDIA: McMahon Real Estate is working hard to ensure your property is promoted to as many potential buyers as possible and has capitalised on the social media networks. Please join us by liking our networks where we are promoting your property and directing traffic to our website, where full details of your property can be found.  


OTHER AGENTS: This is the largest untapped resource not utilised by other agents. It is common today for agents to discourage conjunctional dealings with other agents. Some agents refuse them outright.  McMahons actively market to other agents. Our wish is for them to have your property “top of mind” when they have a buyer. It is another way we work to get you the best result.

FOR SALE SIGNBOARDS: Pre-qualified buyers are out there and if they are driving the streets they are ready for action - make your property easy to find.

BROCHURES: We have the professional printing equipment right in our office, there is no waiting – let’s get started!

NEIGHBOUR PROMOTION: McMahons promote your property for sale to owners in your surrounding streets, promoting your property for sale searching for who they may know who is looking to buy in your area.

DATABASE: We do keep in touch with our past and present clients. Consequently it is very common for our clients to be repeat clients and to regularly refer their family and friends to us to buy property.

INDEPENDENT VALUER: McMahons may commission an independent valuer where necessary to give you a written assessment of the market value of your property.

TRAINING: Our sales team are trained negotiators, we practice every single day! Negotiation is very much a skill and can add 4% to 6% to your sale price so you get more money in your pocket.


McMahons specialise in taking “For Sale” to “SOLD”

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